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Quiz Instructions

The quiz consists of questions carefully designed to help you self-assess your comprehension of the information presented on the topics covered in the training. No data will be collected on the website regarding your responses or how many times you take the quiz.

Each question in the quiz is of multiple-choice or “true or false” format. Read each question carefully, and click on the button next to your response that is based on the information covered on the topic in the training. Each correct or incorrect response will result in appropriate feedback immediately at the bottom of the screen. You have 60seconds per question.

After responding to a question, click on the “Next Question” button at the bottom to go to the next question. After responding to the 20th question, click on “Submit” and download your certificate of completion.

The total score for the quiz is based on your responses to all questions. If you respond incorrectly to a question or retake a question again and get the correct response, your quiz score will reflect it appropriately.

This quiz is for logged in users only.